My lvl 50s from Wildstar.

My sis’ hypothetical biker gang that rides vespas and dresses like sailor scouts.

(I’m the one on the left) 

Finished drawing self portraits in different styles! 

I learned a lot about line work and shading

From left to right:

-top row- Original, Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents, Daria

2nd- Avatar, Xmen, Garfield, Tick

3rd- HunterxHunter, Mario bros, Zelda WW, Gargoyles, 

4th- Dexter’s lab, Sailor Moon, Xmen Evolution, Naruto

Got this idea from Ai-Bee 

self port The Tick style

"Jelly Sting"-prolly a villain 

"You’re standing on my neck~"

Gargoyles flavor

Jim Davis-Garfield style

only 3 slots left!

self port WindWaker style

getting tired of not drawing hands…it makes me feel lazy

90’s x men flavor

Naruto self port- 6 more slots left 

what will they be~? 

you tell me

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