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Favorite ice cream flavor- mint chocolate and coffee ice cream of course

I’m replacing Venomancer with Velociraptor, cuz my husband said that the Venomancer was the worst. Usually he just says that everything I draw is great. So when he says something is bad, it must be HORRIBLE! 

First thing that popped into my head was this dino.

Z is for Zephyr!

"A Zephyr has little capability for melee’ combat, but may be seen on the front lines breathing fire on the enemy. In the middle of the combat lines is where they are suited best, as most breath weapons they learn allow the Zephyr to rain death upon their foes."

Finally done! Hopefully i will continue to draw, but taking care of a baby leaves little time to pick up a pen and paper…

What was your fav?

Y is for Yojimbo

 A ronin yojimbo often serves a community in place of a lord. Those who follow the path of the yojimbo are considered some of the hardiest of the samurai.

The Vicious Circle

Its happening! Fast paced, gruesome, competitive game-filled with my illustrations~


Love is complicated.


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X is for Xp hunter~!

W is for Walking Fortress

 Walk into a room and gather attention and stand there and take it and defend allies”

V is for Venomancer

A mage that specializes in poisons

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