my life

new series 

Can’t stop…drawing Wildstar

Now for my husband’s 50

My lvl 50s from Wildstar.

My sis’ hypothetical biker gang that rides vespas and dresses like sailor scouts.

(I’m the one on the left) 

Finished drawing self portraits in different styles! 

I learned a lot about line work and shading

From left to right:

-top row- Original, Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents, Daria

2nd- Avatar, Xmen, Garfield, Tick

3rd- HunterxHunter, Mario bros, Zelda WW, Gargoyles, 

4th- Dexter’s lab, Sailor Moon, Xmen Evolution, Naruto

Got this idea from Ai-Bee 

self port The Tick style

"Jelly Sting"-prolly a villain 

"You’re standing on my neck~"

Gargoyles flavor

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