Baby Update

We went to the hospital at 5:30am to induce baby Matthias as he was now 10 days overdue. Geneva was not more than 1 inch dilated. Geneva was given some medication to help dilation. After several hours of contractions, Geneva was only dilated about 2 inches. At this point a “balloon” was given to help dilate to 4 inches. Geneva experienced lots of “stage 3” contractions that continued throughout the night (approximately 8 hours). She eventually suffered from so much pain that she ended up throwing up. After that, Geneva decided to get an epidural. Also, they gave her another drug to assist with dilation but they could not give her the most powerful drug as she was already contracting well. The next day, she was dilated about 9 inches and everything was on track for a natural birth. Then about 9am, the doctors came in and asked us if we had bumped the baby heart monitor as the baby’s heart low was showing low. We had been moving around trying to get the baby aligned for the birth canal, so they readjusted the monitor. After monitoring Geneva for a little bit, the babies heart rate did not change. The heart beat was still low. After coming to that conclusion, they immediately put Geneva on oxygen and gave me some “scrubs” and said Geneva is going in for a “C section”. It all just happened so fast. As I got my scrubs on, Geneva was already being pushed out the door. I quickly followed behind and as she went into the operation room, I was told to stay outside until they had space. I stood outside the operating room waiting for what was to come next. It wasn’t even 10 minutes when I had a nurse come out and say the baby is out and mom is doing well. Immediately, the baby was being pushed to the ICU and I was told I could follow the baby. As I walked, I talked to who would be our “baby” Doctor and he explained to me some of the complications and that the baby has not been receiving the correct amount of oxygen which may be a contributing factor to low blood flow. They quickly hooked him up to a ventilator and monitored his heart beat and brain activity. Matthias has been having several issues and continues to be in critical condition. Tomorrow at 12pm noon is a key event. He will be being pulled off the hypothermia cap. They have had him on this cap to protect his brain and minimize any brain damage that may be present. Coming off this machine will show how much progress he has made but also has the most risk. Please join us in prayer and continue to pray for our Son.
I know God will continue to care and move his hand as he has done thus far in our birthing. Too many things of happened so perfectly for God to not have been working with us. Geneva happened to get an epidural and a catheter. So when she got pulled into the operator room, she was already ready for operation. Also, she was numb enough that they could immediately perform surgery to get Matthias out. It also so happened that the Doctor that would be working with our son was there from surgery and walked and talked with me about how Matthias was doing. And every day we get a report from the doctor and he continues to get better (even if it is small). I know God’s hand will continue to move and we are praying for the best for Matthias. Please pray with us for Matthias tomorrow and that he continues to heal and recover as God intented.

T is for Technomancer

"Technomancers channel electronic might from the latest technologies. They stay privy to the newest innovations, scour enemies with energy blasts, and bedevil foes with modern powers. Armed with esoteric secrets and dangerous insight, Technomancers are clever and resourceful foes."

On a side note- when I was coloring this thing I noticed that the hair is like my sister’s. And since it’s “sibling day” (never heard of it before…) I decided to make her my sis.    taa daa~

S is for Sumo Wrestler

"A large fighter hailing from the distant eastern lands, where they embody the ideal man, Sumo Wrestlers are notorious for their large bodies and impressive strength, ferocity, and discipline. Sumo Wrestlers, also known as Rikishi, are best when dealing with a single opponent, most often when grappling. A Rikishi’s thick large body, although slow, is more than capable of taking a large variety of damage."

R is for Rogue

Q is for…………..Quincy Qabalist!

Quincy -“A ranged spiritual energy figther.”

"The Qabalist is concerned with secret societies: their histories, their rites, their membership, and most importantly, their goals. Due to their skills, Qabalists make excellent Ambassadors.

I made this jungle themed clock for my nursery~

P is for Psychic

The mind has hidden powers that even the most learned scholars don’t fully understand. There exist people gifted with extraordinary abilities: psychics. They have visions or a sense of what others are thinking. They can influence the minds of those around them or even affect the physical world with their thoughts. Some confuse their power with sorcery, but it is not the same. Still, those who possess such gifts often conceal them, out of concern that others will fear or misunderstand them. Psychics who choose to develop their potential are capable of feats to rival sorcerers and wizards. “

O is for Oracle

Oracles are seers, prophets, and sometimes hermits. They read the stars tea leaves to tell the future, and offer elemental blessings of protection. Some take up arms and become battle sages in service to their lord or chieftain.”

N is for Necromancer 

A Necromancer is a spellcaster that harbors the ability to raise, animate, create, or summon undead. They are spontaneous arcane magic casters that are more adept in the arts of magic that twists bodies, minds and souls alike than anyone else.”

M is for Monk

"The monk is a symbol of quiet solitude, endless patience and pure devotion to an idea or philosphy that comes to dominate their life. Graatel monks are joyous individuals who enjoy learning and increasing the knowledge of their orders, even at the risk of danger to themselves. Through rigorous training and dogmatic teachings they learn to become truly fearsome opponents able to dispatch enemies encountered on their quests."

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